RecSys 2015 Agenda

Going to RecSys 2015 this year? I'll be there, giving several talks:

  • On Wednesday, I'll present a paper on what happens when you give users a ‘pick recommender’ menu (work with Joe Konstan, Max Harper, and Daniel Kluver).

  • On Saturday, I'll be speaking with the doctoral symposium on finishing out a recommender systems Ph.D and moving to the next step in your career.

  • On Sunday, I am giving a talk to the Large Scale Recommender Systems workshop on scalability challenges in recommender systems research. This might be a bit of an odd talk, but I plan to talk about what happens when the thing you want to scale is experimental capability, possibly over smaller data sets, and some of the things we've done in LensKit to support that kind of work, as well as capabilities and challenges in different kinds of experimental setups for understanding recommender systems and user behavior.

Slides for each of my talks will be published on my talks page.

Mixed in with all this, of course, is a lot of meetings with various friends and colleagues (waves to CrowdRec) and talking about research. I look forward to seeing you all in Vienna.