Michael Ekstrand

Educational Activities

This page documents my current and past educational activities.

Current Teaching (Spring 2017)

Upcoming Teaching (Fall 2017)

  • CS 533 Introduction to Data Science (new course I am developing)

Online Education

I co-created the Recommender Systems specialization on Coursera with Prof. Joseph A. Konstan.

This is the third generation of our MOOC. We used the first iteration as a vehicle for research on the effectiveness of large-scale online courses for teaching topics such as this.

Course Development

  • CS 533 Introduction to Data Science (in development)
  • CS 597 Recommender Systems (special topics class, adapted from the MOOC and the class I taught at Texas State)
  • First pass at rebuilding CS 410/510 (Databases) at Boise State, with Francesca Spezzano
  • Coursera course
  • Rebuilt CS 3320 (Internet Software Development) at Texas State
  • CS 4397Q (Introduction to Recommender Systems) / 5369Q (Recommender Systems) at Texas State, derived from the MOOC

Past Teaching

Fall 2016
CS 410 / 510 (Databases)

Texas State University

Spring 2016
CS 4379Q (Introduction to Recommender Systems) / CS 5369Q (Recommender Systems) (syllabus, research project)
CS 3320 (Internet Software Development) (syllabus)
Fall 2015
CS 4332 (Introduction to Database Systems)
Spring 2015
CS 4350 (Unix Systems Programming)
CS 4379Q (Introduction to Recommender Systems) / CS 5369Q (Recommender Systems)
Fall 2014
CS 4332 (Introduction to Databases)

University of Minnesota

I taught or TA'd several classes at the University of Minnesota while completing my Ph.D:

Fall 2013
Introduction to Recommender Systems on Coursera and UMN CSCI 5980-1, co-taught with Joseph A. Konstan.
Summer 2012
instructor, CSCI 1902 (Structure of Computer Programming II).
Spring 2011
teaching assistant, CSCI 5125 (Collaborative and Social Computing).
Fall 2007–Summer 2018
teaching assistant, CSCI 1902