Michael's Head'

Michael D. Ekstrand, Ph.D

Starting Fall 2023, I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Information Science at Drexel University, where I study AI-powered information access systems (recommender systems, search engines, etc.). My particular goal is to make sure these systems promote an equitable, inclusive, and well-informed society. Previously, I co-led the People and Information Research Team (PIReT) at Boise State University and earned my Ph.D at the University of Minnesota.


Sep 18 β€” Paper at FAccTRec Workshop

Amifa Raj and I have a paper at the FAccTRec workshop on measuring fairness in grid layouts.

Aug 05 β€” New paper in TORS

Fernando Diaz, Ben Carterette, and I have a new paper in TORS on the need to consider distributions of effects, not just point estimates of effectiveness measures when evaluating recommender systems.

Jul 05 β€” New Ph.D

My first Ph.D student, Amifa Raj successfully defended her dissertation today!

Jun 19 β€” POPROX Infrastructure

We have launched the web site for POPROX, an NSF-funded project to develop infrastructure to support user-facing research on news recommendation.

Jun 07 β€” Panel at FAccT 2023

I am co-organizing a CRAFT panel on β€œTheories of Change in Responsible AI”. Please fill out this survey to suggest questions.