Michael's Head'

Michael D. Ekstrand, Ph.D


Nov 15 β€” TREC Fair Ranking 2022

The Fair Ranking track track is returning to TREC 2022.

Aug 24 β€” RecSys PERSPECTIVES

Two pieces at the RecSys PERSPECTIVES workshop: my student Ngozi Ihemeandu's paper about statistical inference, and a talk with Ben Carterette and Fernando Diaz about evaluating with distributions.

Jul 30 β€” RecSys LBR

Our paper β€œBaby Shark to Barracuda: Analyzing Children’s Music Listening Behavior” has been accepted for publication in RecSys 2021 Late-Breaking Results.

May 03 β€” Paper in KidRec

Our paper on gender stereotypes in recommendations and search results for children, led by my student Amifa Raj and in collaboration with Ashlee Milton, has been accepted to KidRec 2021.

Apr 30 β€” Calls for Papers

The SimuRec and FAccTrec Calls for Papers are now available.