Michael's Head'

Michael D. Ekstrand, Ph.D

Starting Fall 2023, I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Information Science at Drexel University, where I study AI-powered information access systems (recommender systems, search engines, etc.). My particular goal is to make sure these systems promote an equitable, inclusive, and well-informed society. Previously, I co-led the People and Information Research Team (PIReT) at Boise State University and earned my Ph.D at the University of Minnesota.


Nov 20RAI Impact Statements

Alexandra Olteanu, Carlos Castillo, Jina Suh, and I argue in a new preprint and blog post that RAI research needs impact statements.

Oct 29Recruiting Ph.D students

I am recruiting for 2 Ph.D positions in Information Science for Fall 2024. See prospective students for more details.

Oct 16Paper at WI-IAT

Ngozi Ihemelandu and I have a paper at WI-IAT this month on candidate sampling for recommender evaluation.

Sep 17Paper at FAccTRec Workshop

Amifa Raj and I have a paper at the FAccTRec workshop on measuring fairness in grid layouts.

Aug 4New paper in TORS

Fernando Diaz, Ben Carterette, and I have a new paper in TORS on the need to consider distributions of effects, not just point estimates of effectiveness measures when evaluating recommender systems.