Michael's Head'

Michael D. Ekstrand, Ph.D


Jan 15 β€” Estimating metrics at TheWebConf

New paper Estimation of Fair Ranking Metrics with Incomplete Judgments, led by Omer Kirnap (UCL), has been accepted for publication in TheWebConf 2021.

Oct 26 β€” Book gender in UMUAI

Our paper Exploring Author Gender in Book Rating and Recommendation has been accepted for publication in User Modeling and User-Adapted Interaction.

Aug 21 β€” Paper at FAccTrec

Ph.D student Amifa Raj will present our paper β€˜Comparing Fair Ranking Metrics’ at FAccTRec.

Jul 27 β€” LensKit at CIKM 2020

The LensKit for Python paper will appear in the Resource Track at CIKM 2020.

Jul 17 β€” Expected Exposure in CIKM 2020

Our paper Evaluating Stochastic Rankings with Expected Exposure has been accepted to CIKM 2020 (with Fernando Diaz, Bhaskar Mitra, Asia Biega, and Ben Carterette).