Contact Michael

If you want to contact me, the best way is by e-mail. I also respond on Twitter, but technical or professional conversations there tend to quickly outgrow 140 characters (and I prefer e-mail to Twitter DMs).

University Contact

For professional and academic correspondence, please contact me at Boise State University:

Boise State University
Department of Computer Science
1910 University Drive
Boise, ID83725-2055
CCP Room 354
Work: +1 (208) 426-5761
Alternate e-mail:

If you are a student in Introduction to Recommender Systems on Coursera looking for course support, please ask questions in the Coursera discussion boards.

If you are a prospective student looking to work in my group, please see my information for prospective students.

My FAQ has answers to a number of questions I receive frequently.

If you want to write to me about personal things (non-academic, related to my personal programming projects, etc.), use my personal address . Please do not write to my personal address about classes, my research papers, or LensKit.

On many services, I am mdekstrand or occasionally mdx or elehack.

Office Hours

Spring 2022 office hours are 10:30–11:30 AM Tuesdays and 1:30–2:30 PM Thursdays.

Social Media Connections

I invite everyone to Mastodon. Please don’t expect me to automatically follow back, or if I follow you to keep following forever; I optimize my social feeds to provide a personally useful blend of information, and there are many interesting people I do not follow. If you are a student in one of my classes, I will not follow you until the class is over.

I also welcome LinkedIn connections. If you want to connect with me on LinkedIn, please say something personalized (even if it is just a brief sentence); if we have met in person or communicated on other forums, mentioning those is good.