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I study what happens when people and information systems, particularly recommender systems, collide in many different ways. This work blends human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence, and information retrieval to answer two key questions:

  1. How can we build information systems that are better able to meet human needs?
  2. How do these systems interact with people and society?

In 2018, I received an NSF CAREER award to further study these topics.

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If you want in, see my info for students or check out our research group.

Research Outputs

People and Information Research Team

Active Projects

Two white people pushing a Black person over
Fair Recommender Systems
Reliability in Recommender Research
Two students reading on a laptop with their teacher
LITERATE — News in the Classroom
Recommender Applications
Other Recommender Research

Previous Projects

Differences in Recommenders
Large-Scale Education
Wiki Article History
Wiki Article History