Sautée Satay Seitan (or something)

Tried a culinary experiment tonight!

Here’s the recipe (serves 2-3):

In a skillet (I used cast iron), start heating oil (thoroughly cover bottom of skillet) on medium heat. As the oil begins to heat, add chopped onion and start to sautée; then add jalapeño. Stir regularly.

As onion and jalapeño cook up, add the Satay spices and salt. Keep stirring regularly.

After spices blend in to the onions, jalapeño, and oil, add seitan. Keep cooking and stirring.

Sprinkle a bit of paprika on top. Keep cooking and stirring.

Add broccoli and water. Keep cooking and stirring.

After broccoli has thawed and water has come to a bubbling boil, reduce heat. Simmer for some time. Everything’s cooked at this point, so the amount of time doesn’t much matter, so long as it doesn’t go dry. I started cooking rice at the beginning of this whole processes, and kept it simmering from this point until the rice cooker had finished (and then a few minutes while I finished something else). ~20 minutes of simmering, maybe?

Serve over rice. It’s nicely spicy — enough you want to drink water, not so much you want to scream for yogurt.

However, this dish’s name is a bit hard to pronounce. So please help us name it!

Satay Spices

I just kind of mix things together for the spices now; something like this: