Blog moved (again)

Once again, my blog has moved.

Old URLs should still work ( ones might be broken after some time).

I liked Tumblr. It made it really easy to write a short blog post. Posting quotes was a wonderful capability, and encouraged me to post somewhat more often.

The Tumblr dashboard, while never great for volume, was decreasing in utility. A sponsored tweet is one thing; a sponsored post, taking up a full screen height in my stream, is rather invasive.

But the dashboard isn’t too big a deal. I don’t need to use it. More concerning was the fact that Tumblr was inserting some bogus HTML in the output (a <script> tag before the beginning of my theme’s HTML), making it non-valid HTML. Also, it seems Google (and DuckDuckGo) haven’t been indexing my blog. Don’t know if the bad HTML caused that, or what, but I would like my blog to be searchable.

So I’ve exported all my content and am now serving it up alongside the rest of, powered by Hakyll. I’ve got things to tweak, of course, but it should be here and readable.