Criticizing Automotive Transportation

Transportation takes up a huge portion of a family’s annual income. Behind housing and food, transportation is the third largest expenditure of most Americans. Many Americans live in places where having access to your own car is a prerequisite for getting a job or getting to food. Those that cannot afford a car, are usually left no other option but to use under-funded public transportation that is ill-adapted to the existing physical environment. An automobile-human cyborg quite often requires a normal-functioning human body. Anything from ADHD, vision problems, paralysis, or limited dexterity make it more dangerous -if not impossible- to drive a car. This leaves the elderly stranded in their homes, and turns neighborhoods into deadly obstacle courses.

Criticizing Other Things Like We Criticize the Internet — an inversion of certain critiques of the Internet’s impact on society to apply (rather aptly) to automobiles and their related infrastructure.