RecSys 2012 Preview

I’m headed out today for RecSys 2012, and have my fingers in a number of pies. Places you can see things I’m connected with somehow:

  • I will have a poster for our short paper on identifying when different recommenders make different mistakes (particularly, when is one wrong but another right?) at the poster session.
  • Daniel Kluver is presenting our paper on estimating the information content of ratings. This is a very cool line of work some of our newer students are spearheading, providing interesting tools for measuring and quantifying certain aspects of how recommender systems relate to their users.
  • The demo session is looking amazing (I have the privilege of serving as demos co-chair this year). We’ve got a great mix of academic and industrial projects showing off their work. Really looking forward to it.
  • I’ll be giving two talks at the RecSys Challenge, one about the MovieLens data set and another about LensKit.

Of course, I’ll be around all week. I’ll also be at the Decisions workshop on Sunday.

Run me down & say hi - I’d love to meet you! Or reconnect, if we know each other already.