Walkability as Freedom

Lee argues well that, while drivers enjoy freedom in a variety of environments, walkable urban settings (often with good transit) provide freedom for those unable to drive to live full and independent lives.

We’re somewhat in this situation ourselves - Jennifer cannot drive at night, but in a walkable environment, she can still go places in the evening (which, in Minnesota, is much of the day during some parts of the year).

I’ll just add that, though I can drive, I generally feel more free on foot, bike, or bus/train than in a car. I enjoy the wind on my face, the feeling of truly being in the city, the ability to take shortcuts and paths inaccessible to cars. I also have the freedom to enjoy my journey, destination, and company without worrying about where to park, or if I paid the meter enough. When I am finished, there will be another bus to take me home. I can live with freedom from worrying about if I need to fix the car, or how much registration and insurance will be.

Basically, I’m free to live rather than maintain, care for, and worry about the state and location of a silly metal box.