Retrieving and Recommending for the Classroom


Michael D. Ekstrand, Ion Madrazo Azpiazu, Katherine Landau Wright, and Maria Soledad Pera. 2018. Retrieving and Recommending for the Classroom: Stakeholders, Objectives, Resources, and Users. In Proceedings of the ComplexRec 2018 Second Workshop on Recommendation in Complex Scenarios (ComplexRec '18), at RecSys 2018. Cited 6 times. Cited 3 times.

A teacher and children in a classroom.


In this paper, we consider the promise and challenges of deploying recommendation and information retrieval technology to help teachers locate resources for use in classroom instruction. The classroom setting is a complex environment presenting a number of challenges for recommendation, due to its inherent multi-stakeholder nature, the multiple objectives that quality educational resources and experiences must simultaneously satisfy, and potential disconnect between the direct user of the system and the end users of the resources it provides. In this paper, we outline these challenges, highlight opportunities for new research, and describe our work in progress in this area including insights from interviews with working teachers.

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