Frequently Asked Questions

On this page I try to answer some of the questions I frequently receive via e-mail.

Are you taking new Ph.D or MS students?

Often. My willingness to take a new student is generally dependent on capacity and funding — I do not want to take a student that I cannot reasonably expect to be able to support. See the next question as well, and information for prospective students.

Do you have funding for me?

Unfortunately, I often do not know the answer to this question when it is most frequently asked. In the fall, I don’t usually know what funding lines I will have available in the following fall. New grants may hit throughout the year, possibly as late as summer.

I usually prioritize funding Ph.D students over funding M.S. students.

I would like to do a Ph.D/M.S. at Boise State. Can I join your group?

Possibly! However, faculty do not directly admit students: their applications are first processed by the admissions committee. I do not personally commit to students until the committee has first processed their application and I have had a chance to review their entire packet.

See information for prospective students for many more details.

Do you have paid internships available?

No. If I do have summer research opportunities available, it will be through a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program, and would be advertised on the Boise State CS or PIReT web sites.

Are you hiring postdocs?

Not usually. If I have an open postdoc opportunity, I will publicly list it.

I am sometimes interested in helping with proposals to fund a post-doc to work with our group, but am much more likely to do this with someone I already know, for example through a conference.

Can I spend the summer or a semester with your group?

Possibly! There are two requirements that need to be filled for me to consider this:

  • You have funding to support your stay.
  • There is a clear goal that is mutually beneficial.

In your initial e-mail, answer both of these questions.