Frequently Asked Questions

On this page I try to answer some questions I frequently receive via e-mail.

Are you taking new Ph.D. students?

In general, my willingness to take a new student is generally dependent on capacity and funding. See the next question as well, and information for prospective students.

Do you have funding for me?

Funding decisions are made with admission; all full-time Ph.D. students receive a 5-year funding offer with their admission.

I would like to do a Ph.D. at Drexel. Can I join your group?

See my information for prospective students for details on this, as well as the question above about taking new students. I am often recruiting, although I will not be taking new students every year. I am actively recruiting for Fall 2024.

Would you be my MS advisor?

Drexel’s information science M.S. programs are coursework-only, with no thesis or project requirements. Therefore, M.S. students do not work with advisors on particular research projects like they would in a thesis-based graduate program.

I sometimes work with M.S. students on research through independent study projects.

I am an undergraduate or M.S. student at Drexel. Can I work with you on research?

I sometimes have opportunities for undergraduate research assistants, or undergrad or M.S. research projects that would fit in a different structure such as an independent study course. E-mail me and we can talk further.

Do you have paid internships available?

No. If I do have summer research opportunities available, it will be through a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) or similar program, and will be advertised on my website.

Are you hiring postdocs?

Not usually. If I have an open postdoc opportunity, I will publicly list it.

I am sometimes interested in helping with proposals to fund a post-doc to work with my group, but am much more likely to do this with someone I already know, for example through a conference.

Can I spend the summer or a quarter with your group?

Possibly! There are two requirements that need to be filled for me to consider this:

  • You have funding to support your stay.
  • There is a clear goal that is mutually beneficial.

In your initial e-mail, please address both of these points.