One of the great parts of my job is working with students on research and software development. This page collects information for and about those students.

If you are interested in doing research with me, there are two basic steps:

  • Get a feel for the kinds of things I and my group do; you can do this by looking at my research projects, reading some of my papers, and/or taking one of my classes.
  • Get in touch and tell me something about what you find interesting and the kinds of things you might like to do.

If you are curious about the kinds of skills you need or will learn in the course working on research with our group, see my student research skills list.

If you are e-mailing me about our graduate program, please see my e-mail guidance.

For information on applying to graduate school, not just at Boise State, see collected resources.

Current Openings

Students intrested in doing graduate work me and the People and Information Research Team (PIReT), should apply to our M.S. in Computer Science or Ph.D in Computing program. Feel free to e-mail me, but I am not directly involved in admissions and rarely commit to a student until after the admissions process. I also usually don’t know how many funding lines I will have available until the spring.

I am also interested in involving Boise State undergraduate students in our research. Sometimes I have funds myself for paid research opportunities; the university also has several programs that support undergraduate students involved in faculty research, and I am happy to discuss the possibilities of doing an independent study or an opportunity where you get course credit for research.

Current Students

  • Amifa Raj (Ph.D)
  • Mucun Tian (M.S.)
  • Adam Keener (M.S.)

Graduated Students