Cold E-mailing Me

In general, I welcome e-mails from anyone who would like to discuss topics related to my research interests, teaching work, and general professional work. Feel free to drop me a line at Like most professors, however, I get a lot of e-mail and cannot reply to all of it.

  • Please see my Frequently Asked Questions for summary information, particularly about opportunities with my research group.

  • Use a clear, useful subject line such as ‘Prospective Boise State M.S. Student’ or ‘Interested in Boise State Ph.D with PIReT’. If you have a more specific inquiry or interest, mention it in 2-3 words, e.g. ‘Prospective student interested in decision making and recommender systems’.

  • If you are a current Boise State student, have recently been admitted, or have submitted an application, please say so. The more context I have, the easier it is to provide good answers to your questions.

  • Personalize your e-mail, and not just the greeting.

    I would like to know why you are contacting me in particular.

  • Please make sure there is some connection between what you are wanting to do and my work. If you're asking about doing a materials science or ecology postdoc with my research group, do not expect a reply.