rstash-send − transmit data streams to remote stashes [ ] stores data (read from standard input) to a file named in a stash box on a remote server running accepts the following options: Read configuration data from the config file See for the syntax of this file. Increase verbosity. Each successive (up to 2) increases the verbosity. Use key I KEY to authenticate to the stash server. Specify the port where
[HOST:]BOX Store the data in on Compute the SHA-1 checksum of the transferred data and print it at exit. Print a brief usage summary. Print version information and exit. is listening (defaults to port 59). read connection and authentication information from a configuration file rather than the command line. The file contains a list of key-value pairs of the form:


The following keys are supported: The remote host to connect to. The destination port to use. The box in which the data should be stored. The authentication key to use.

Options specified on the command line override options in the config file.

Blank lines are ignored, and standard Unix-style comments are supported. No special handling for quotes or backslashes is provided, so string values should be chosen with care. Whitespace is trimmed from both sides of keys and values.