rstash-recv − receiver/server program for remote file stasher [ ] is the server component of It receives files via a network connection and stores them in boxes as directed by its configuration file.

is intended to be run from optionally using Load configuration from Log to standard error as well as to the system log and be more verbose. Output a usage summary and exit. Output version information and exit. reads configuration options from a basic sectioned key-value file, with sections indicated by headings in square brackets and key-value pairs written with = signs. Key-value entries before the first section heading are considered globals and may be consulted as fallback entries as described below.

The file thus has the following form:



Blank lines are ignored and standard UNIX-style comments are respected.

Each section corresponds to a box, with the section name matching the box name. If there is no section corresponding to a specified box, then the box is rejected.

Within each box section, the following keys are recognized: The path to a directory in which files for this box should be stored. Incomplete transfers are saved in in this directory.

If no path is specified for the box, the global key is searched for, and files are stored in a subdirectory of named after the box. The authentication key for the box. will not create the box target directory if it does not exist.