Broward Detention Center

The majority of the detainees at BTC have no criminal record, have been living and working the country for a very long time (some even for more than 15 years), have US. Citizen spouses and children, have been here since childhood, and a large number of us are legal Alien Residents. There are many cases of successful investors and entrepreneurs with companies creating many jobs that are being put at risk, cases of spouses serving in the US military forces, people graduated from US high schools and colleges, cases of victims of human trafficking cooperating with the enforcement agencies to dismantle those organizations, there are people eligible to apply to T.P.S. and so on.

There are many cases of people with legal visas approved by the embassies in their countries who just came on business or tourism and to visit their relatives taken here directly from the MIA airport and kept in there for months for no reason at all. Why they just don’t cancel their visas at the port of entry and send them back to their countries? Why they are brought here? We don’t know. There are many detainees asking for expedited removal or voluntary departure but that gets granted only after a long and painful process for them and their families.

A letter from Broward Detention Center detainees demanding review of South Florida immigration enforcement and The GEO Group’s management of the prison. Brazen disregard for law and directives on the part of enforcement and management.