Michael Ekstrand

Educational Activities

This page documents my current and past educational activities.

Current Teaching (Fall 2017)

Upcoming Teaching (Spring 2018)

  • CS 410/510 Databases

Online Education

I co-created the Recommender Systems specialization on Coursera with Prof. Joseph A. Konstan.

This is the third generation of our MOOC. We used the first iteration as a vehicle for research on the effectiveness of large-scale online courses for teaching topics such as this.

Course Development

  • CS 533 Introduction to Data Science (in development)
  • CS 597 Recommender Systems (special topics class, adapted from the MOOC and the class I taught at Texas State)
  • First pass at rebuilding CS 410/510 (Databases) at Boise State, with Francesca Spezzano
  • Coursera course
  • Rebuilt CS 3320 (Internet Software Development) at Texas State
  • CS 4397Q (Introduction to Recommender Systems) / 5369Q (Recommender Systems) at Texas State, derived from the MOOC

Past Teaching

Spring 2017 : CS 597 Recommender Systems

Fall 2016 : CS 410 / 510 (Databases)

Texas State University

Spring 2016 : CS 4379Q (Introduction to Recommender Systems) / CS 5369Q (Recommender Systems) (syllabus, research project) : CS 3320 (Internet Software Development) (syllabus)

Fall 2015 : CS 4332 (Introduction to Database Systems)

Spring 2015 : CS 4350 (Unix Systems Programming) : CS 4379Q (Introduction to Recommender Systems) / CS 5369Q (Recommender Systems)

Fall 2014 : CS 4332 (Introduction to Databases)

University of Minnesota

I taught or TA'd several classes at the University of Minnesota while completing my Ph.D:

Fall 2013 : Introduction to Recommender Systems on Coursera and UMN CSCI 5980-1, co-taught with Joseph A. Konstan.

Summer 2012 : instructor, CSCI 1902 (Structure of Computer Programming II).

Spring 2011 : teaching assistant, CSCI 5125 (Collaborative and Social Computing).

Fall 2007–Summer 2018 : teaching assistant, CSCI 1902