Michael Ekstrand


This page documents my current and past teaching activities.

In addition to the traditional courses I teach at Boise State University, our Introduction to Recommender Systems specialization on Coursera is always open.

Current Teaching (Fall 2016)

Past Teaching

Past Teaching (Texas State University)

Teaching at UMN

I taught or TA'd several classes at the University of Minnesota while completing my Ph.D:

  • Fall 2013: Introduction to Recommender Systems on Coursera and UMN CSCI 5980-1, co-taught with Joseph A. Konstan.
  • Summer 2012: instructor, CSCI 1902 (Structure of Computer Programming II).
  • Spring 2011: teaching assistant, CSCI 5125 (Collaborative and Social Computing).
  • Fall 2007–Summer 2008: teaching assistant, CSCI 1902